AIFF Inspiring Films

By Denise Davies
First published on Sept 20th 2013

In the coming weeks leading up to the Antigonish International Film Festival, the Highland Heart is pleased to feature a brief summary of some of the over 30 films to be shown at this year’s event.

Every year audiences are amazed and enthralled by the diversity of films at The Antigonish International Film Festival (AIFF).  There are so many great films to look forward to that it is difficult to choose.  However if you check out the film page on the website the descriptions and links to websites and trailers will help you make your selections

AIFF Inspiring Films

Promotional photograph for the film Walk in Beauty: Clean Energy for a Changeable World. Photograph provided by Denise Davies


Walk in Beauty: Clean Energy for a Changeable World – by  filmmaker Doug Crawford.

Northwest New Mexico had hundreds of uranium mines, many of which have not been remediated, and is also home to two of the largest and dirtiest coal-fired power plants in the country. However, it has excellent clean energy resources, including solar power, which could create thousands of jobs in an area that has an unemployment rate above 50 percent. The Navajo communities living there have an historic opportunity to act as national and global leaders in the transition to clean energy.   Thank you to our sponsors: MacLean Brothers Woodworking, St. Mary’s Parish of Maryvale Health & Social Justice Committee

AIFF Inspiring Films

Promotional photograph for the film We Still Live Here  (Âs Nutayuneân). Photograph provided by Denise Davies

We Still Live Here  (Âs Nutayuneân) – by Director Anne Makepeace

Celebrated every Thanksgiving as the Indians who saved the Pilgrims from starvation, and then largely forgotten, the Wampanoag Tribes of Cape Cod and Martha’s Vineyard are now saying loud and clear, and in their Native tongue, “Âs Nutayuneân,” (We Still Live Here). Jessie Little Doe Baird, their celebrated linguist, uncovered hundreds of documents written in Wampanoag, leading her to a Master’s in Linguistics at MIT. Her efforts culminated in an unprecedented feat of language reclamation by her people.  Thank you to our sponsors: Heritage Association of Antigonish, StFX Dept. of Anthropology, StFX Dept. of Modern Languages, StFX Faculty of Education.

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