AIFF is coming

By Denise Davies
First published on Sept 12th 2014

The Antigonish International Film Festival committee has been hard at work for the past many months choosing a wonderful slate of documentary films for our 8th Annual Film Festival.

We have an exciting festival year with 28 films dealing with issues from agriculture to history, health to environmental activism, social justice to music, and much more.  The filmmakers come from many backgrounds and communities from local to international.AIFF

As Trina Davenport describes, “We are cursed and blessed to live in interesting times.  The world is in transition: consumerism to sustainability, fossil fuel dependence to renewable resources, hierarchical systems to democracy, exclusion to inclusion.  We are cursed because it is a bumpy and often heartbreaking transition, but blessed because an individual and collective commitment can make a difference.  The positive changes that are taking place are increasingly being driven by small groups coming together to improve the quality of life in a particular community or segment of society”.

The films reflect these times and through entertaining, informing and engaging the audience it is a wonderful chance to view, reflect and learn about our world through film.  There will be a local film premiere by Peter Murphy, international award winning films and 3 venues on Main Street, Antigonish to give our audience lots to choose from.

The 8th Annual Antigonish International Film Festival takes place October 17 – 18.  Invite your friends from “away” to join you for an enjoyable weekend in Antigonish.

Stay tuned for more information as we lead up to the festival weekend.  We have a new website coming up with all the details to be launched after September 15th.

It takes many people to make this event happen.  These include the volunteer organizing committee, the volunteers on the day, and the over 100 community sponsors who support the festival.

Thank you to these many community volunteers and supporters who have made the festival possible.  During the past year we have offered the First Friday Film Series to bring films to the community throughout the year.  Stay tuned on our Facebook page for upcoming films in the series.

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