By Janet Stark
First published on September 24th, 2015

FILMThe films are about to begin!

The 9th annual Antigonish International Film Festival (AIFF) will bring you the best in documentary films from around the world.

This year you will travel from the Yukon, to Texas, Cuba, the Sahara, Israel, and back to Sing Sing prison in New York.  You will meet revolutionaries, artists, performers, the Mi’kmaq, ultra-athletes, people with disabilities, and people making things out of nothing.  You will be able to explore their issues and celebrate their triumphs.

Planning for this festival began just about when the lights went out last year.  A dedicated team of volunteers considered and previewed over 100 films to come up with this year’s program.  The organizing committee began its work on dates, venues, publicity, program and website design, the community dinner, and reaching out to our all-important sponsors.

The Antigonish International Film Festival organizing committee wishes to thank the generous support of our sponsors who make this festival possible.  Their support enables us to keep our festival passes at the low rates which have not changed over the nine years.  Their support also makes it possible for un-waged people to attend by making whatever contribution they can afford.

We also acknowledge the many volunteers who help during the days of the festival itself, answering questions, managing the doors to the venues, and introducing the films.

All these volunteers and sponsors, numbering over 150 individuals and organizations, are the backbone of the festival.  We couldn’t do this without them and wish to thank each one of them for their energy and commitment.


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