Business Focus: Little Ditties

By Simon Smith
First published on March 10th 2016

Jeremy Holmes has always been very passionate about music.  He has been playing and writing music of various genres for almost twenty years.  After the birth of his children, Jeremy decided to try his hand at children’s music.  He began writing and playing songs for his kids and soon enough, he had put together an entire album.   Jeremy had found his calling.  Not only were his songs catchy and fun, but his “ability to interact with kids” allowed him to connect with his audience through his music.  With some help from the St. FX Extension Department, Jeremy was able to produce his album and make it available for sale on iTunes.  It did not take long for people to start taking notice.  Jeremy was promptly given an East Coast Music Award for his album entitled: The Little Ditties, which drew interest from the local school and health boards; not to mention, Raffi, a well known children’s music recording artist, who gave the album very high praises.


Jeremy began meeting with school board officials to discuss ways in which his music could be implemented in local schools.  He was given the green light to begin working on a pilot project, named the Salubrious Project, which would utilize his musical talents and understanding of children for academic and wellness purposes.  The project proved to be a success, and it soon became apparent that Jeremy’s work had a direct, positive impact on the children.  Impressed with the results, the school and health boards started to bring Jeremy in on a more frequent basis.  Soon enough, his visits were regular and students were responding very well to his songs, stories and skits. Jeremy recalls one case in which a student who had been causing problems in class improved radically after several guitar lessons with him.  Both his behavior and performance would increase throughout the week and would be at their highest on the days of his lessons with Jeremy.

Business has been booming for The Little Ditties as people are starting to realize the many benefits of Jeremy’s services.  Along with visiting schools on a regular basis, Jeremy continues to write music and will play the occasional festival, meaning he is busy throughout the year.  But that is not how he sees it.  He is having the time of his life; making a living by doing what he loves.  Jeremy’s story is a shining example of how one’s passion can be turned into a successful career.   We congratulate him on all of his success and hope he continues to find new ways to make kids smile!

Name: Jeremy Holmes





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  1. Lee Ellen says:

    So glad that this man’s particular talent is being recognized. His music not only captures the imaginations and hearts of children but that of the adults. Congratulations and thanks for this great article.

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