By Family Services of Eastern Nova Scotia
First published on Latest Issue, October 5 1027

On Thursday, October 5th , Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia and the Strait Area  community Response to Sexual Violence Network launched a campaign to encourage all businesses and organizations in the Strait Area to commit to learning more about sexualized violence.

Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia is the sponsor of the project which aims to improve outcomes for victims and survivors of the sexualized violence in the Strait Area. A project team works with service providers in Inverness, Richmond, Guysborough and Antigonish Counties to improve collaboration and increase awareness of the needs of victims and survivors.

As Project Manager Nancy O’Regan explains, Every Door is the Right Door refers to the network’s vision for the Strait Area communities where all citizens – women, men, youth, and indigenous persons, persons with disabilities, seniors and members of the LGBTQ community – are offered a variety of service options that are safe, non-judgmental, accessible and appropriate.

The campaign kicked off with a press conference on Thursday, October  5th  at the Antigonish Library. A panel of local network members spoke at the Campaign launch in support of the need for more people to feel confident, knowledgeable and better able to support survivors in their family, workplace or community. Clinical therapist Linda Penner MacDougall spoke on behalf of Family Service of Eastern Nova Scotia and the Men’s Health Centre. Bob Martin, local advocate for men who have been victims of sexual violence, and a member of the Men’s Services Advisory Committee, also participated to share his thoughts on the project.


Earlier this year, the Nova Scotia Department of Community Services Sexual Violence Strategy launched a free online course Supporting Survivors of Sexual Violence: A Nova Scotia Resource, that provides individuals with a unique learning experience designed to improve service delivery and support for victims of sexual violence. (https://breakthesilencens.ca/training).

The Network hopes businesses and organizations will sign a Letter of Commitment indicating the percentage of their staff, employees or volunteers who will take the course. The Sexual Violence Strategy will issue a certificate to individuals who complete the course. There are no tests to complete or essays to write, but the online platform provides an opportunity for participants to take notes and print resources.

According to the provincial website “ending sexual violence, and making this world a better place for those who have survived sexual violence, is a collective effort. In taking this training you are demonstrating your commitment to these goals. As part of the NS Sexual Violence Strategy, a Provincial Committee of dedicated and passionate community members have developed a free online training course to help people learn more about sexual violence and how to support someone who has survived it. The course is for service providers, friends, family members, neighbours, teachers, first responders, counselors, and anyone who is acting as a support person, or is concerned about sexual violence.”


Read the Supporting Survivors Training Flyer

Download your Letter of Committment

Access the Online Training

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