Local of the Week: Easter Bunny

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First published on April 13th 2017


Favorite Food: Carrots & Chocolate

Favorite Movie: Hop

Favorite Book: Peter Cotton Tail

Favorite Season: Spring

Favorite Color: Yellow

Favorite Animal: Rabbits

Favorite Show: Max and Ruby


Random Facts: It is also believed that the night before Easter the Easter Bunny comes out of his burrow and uses magic to grow into a big rabbit to deliver the eggs and baskets.

The Easter Bunny has a magical basket. It has been said, that the basket is bottomless, he can just stick his hand in the basket to take out an egg. When he takes one, another one magically appears in its place. That way there will be enough Easter Eggs for all the children.

The Easter Bunny is hundreds of years old! He stays healthy by eating a lot of vegetables, and because he is a magical creature.

Santa likes a treat of milk and cookies when he delivers gifts on Christmas and the Easter Bunny likes it when children leave him some carrots to snack on when he hides the treats in the garden.

Did you know that the Easter Bunny’s helpers look just like all the other bunnies? Who knows, you may have spotted a helper once or twice.


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