Local of the Week: Erin Tate

By Leah Chisholm, The Highland Heart Weekly
First published on May 18th 2017

18339614_1918248231765880_246509179_o (2)Nickname: Trenholm
Favouite Food: Korean Food…especially Dol Sot Bibimbap and Gamjatang.
Favourite TV Shows: The Sopranos, Murder She Wrote, The Golden Girls, Broadchurch, and The Fall.
Favourite Quote: “Where I am today, won’t be where I am tomorrow.” It reminds you to look forward, but appreciate the here and now.
Favourite Snack: Cheesies & Orange Pop
Favourite Colour: Blue
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Disney Movie: Mickeys Christmas Carol
Favourite Summer Activity: Digging in the garden and going to a drive on the motorcycle.
Favourite Bands: Led Zeppelin & Guns N Roses
Favourite Singers: Waylon Jennings, Eric Clapton, and Steve Earle
Favourite Smell: Coffee Brewing
Favourite Way To Save Money: Couponing!
Favourite Household Chore: Laundry
Favourite Activity: Chasing the boys around the house until they’re laughing so hard that they can barely breathe.
Favourite Book: She’s Come Undone by Wally Lamb
Favourite Radio Shows: Hardcore Troubadour with Steve Earle on Sirius and The Beach Party with Darryl MacLean.
Favourite Card Game: Auction 45s
Who Are Your Heros: My parents. They are super strong, hard working people who would both give the shirts off their backs to anyone in need.
Pet Peeve: Outside lights that are left on during the day time.
Hobby: Knitting. I’m constantly knitting. I’ve always got something on my needles. I don’t like to go one day without knitting at least one row. I’m currently hosting a monthly Knit Night at the Tall & Small Cafe that is open to all skill levels of knitters and crocheters.
Memorable Adventure: Backpacking in Australia and living and teaching English in South Korea.
Dream Destination: Iceland
Biggest Accomplishment: My family

Erin Tate is from Antigonish and works at St. Martha’s Regional Hospital. Erin graduated from StFX University with an Honours degree in Political Science and History and also from the NSCC with a Diploma in Medical Office Administration. Erin has two handsome sons Havelock and Archie and a one year old cat named Trixie which the Tate family happily adopted from Ca-r-ma Antigonish.


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