Local of the Week: Grace Baker

By Leah Chisholm, The Highland Heart Weekly
First published on August 10th 2017

IMG_1018 (2)Favourite Food: Anything Gram makes 🙂
Favourite TV Show: The Office & How I Met Your Mother
Favourite Quote: “Spread love everywhere you go. Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier.”
Favourite Song: I don’t even think I could pick one. Anything that makes trying to sit still impossible or something catchy.
Favourite Movie: The Breakfast Club
Favourite Holiday: Easter- I love the bright colours that go along with it. Christmas is a close second!
Favourite Colour: Teal
Who is Your Hero: Mama Cin
Favourite Season: Autumn
Favourite Sport: Track and Field
Favourite Disney Movie: Ahhh.. Don’t make me pick just one!
Which Disney Character Resembles You: Olaf
Favourite Super Hero: Captain America
Favourite Beach: Taylor Head
Favourite Summer Activity: Bonfires
Favourite Winter Activity: Skating
Favourite Fall Activity: Hiking
Favourite Spring Activity: Listening to the birds in the morning.. Unless it’s before sunrise.
Favourite Word: Sassafrass
Favourite Sports Team: Blue Jays
Favourite Singer: Thomas Rhett
Favourite Actress: Emma Watson
Pet Peeve: Knuckle cracking and people who don’t say please or thank you.
Hobby: Playing guitar, sports, and painting
Bad Habit: Biting my nails
Random Fact: 3 is my lucky number
Memorable Adventure: Tenth grade camping trip
Nickname: Baker/Gracie
Three Words That Describe You: Optimistic, driven, and kind.
Best Advice You Have Received: What’s meant to be will be.
Favourite Vacation Spot: Prince Edward Island because everything about it just feels good.
Biggest Accomplishment: Graduating high school!
If You Could Have A Super Power What Would It Be: Time travel, because some moments should never end.

Grace Baker is 18 years old and is from Liscomb. Grace is a summer student at Sherbrooke Village as a festival and events assistant. Her parents are Cindy and Michael and she has a younger brother Noah. Grace will be going into her first year at St. Thomas University to study a Bachelor of Arts with a major in Criminology. Grace has a cat named Jaz and a dog named Kip.


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