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First published on July 13th 2017

Lochaber Community Development Association is excited to announce the grand opening of a Little Free Library on the Lochaber Community Center property during their Annual Strawberry Festival. The opening will take place on July 16, 2017 at 2:00 pm and all participants are invited to stop by the Lochaber Strawberry festival as well.

Thanks to the generosity of Bob Inglis’ family, and in honor of his 85th birthday which took place last year, Bob’s family has donated the Little Free Library to be enjoyed by the Lochaber community. A Little Free Library is for use by the whole community, much like a “take a penny – leave a penny” dish. The Little Free Library provides a space for neighbours to easily exchange books, and to share their love of reading with one another. Whether you are a permanent resident on the lake or a part of the growing cottager community, it is hoped that everyone will find some time to stop by and grab or share a book. “Lake reads” are a part of any good summer vacation whether at home or at the cottage.

A small watertight box, the Little Free Library, is home to a variety of books. The genres and themes are all dependant on what people enjoy reading and choose to share. The sharing process can be anonymous or you can choose to leave a little note for others. The concept is simple, you come and take a book you would like to read. You may leave another book in that books place or you may bring the book back when you are done, or you can keep the book and pass it onto a friend. There are no strict rules around the borrowing process. Little Free Libraries work to make reading fun and accessible to everyone. You will find the Little Free Library located on the right side of the driveway as you turn to enter the Lochaber Center Parking lot. The Little Free Library is a small box on a stand next to a little bench. Just open the box, take a book and enjoy a summer read. We have placed children’s books as well as novels for adults into the library so bring your little one and they can have fun browsing in the Little Free Library.

Holding the grand opening during the Lochaber Lake Annual Strawberry festival was no coincidence. The festival takes place every year and is celebrated by the community and visitors alike. Locally grown strawberries are turned into decadent desserts to be enjoyed by all. As well as delicious treats the festival offers a chance to catch up with neighbours, relax in the sun and enjoy local entertainment and activities. July 16 is set to be an action-packed Sunday and is not to be missed.


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