NSSSA Strait Regional Conference “G.O.14″

By Justin MacDonald, Strait Regional Cabinet: Head School Rep
First published on Feb 28th 2014

The Nova Scotia Secondary School Students’ Association is a non-profit organization run for the benefit of students across Nova Scotia. The organization is run by student leaders and focuses on leadership development at the high school level. Every high school student is a member of the N.S.S.S.A whether they’ve attended an event or not. The organization promotes communication among the students in Nova Scotia.

NSSSA Strait Regional Conference “G.O.14"

Group shot of everyone at the conference with our speakers Jillian and Emmett from Big Brother Canada. Photograph taken by Renee Boucher.

There are 6 different regions in our province and we are known as the strait region!

Each region is made up of their own regional cabinet and we all have different positions that involve promoting the organization, getting donations, making school presentations, ordering t-shirts, distributing delegate forms, etc.

Our mission statement is to promote servant leadership in a safe heroic environment through motivation, inspiration, and demonstration by developing life skills.

On Saturday February 22nd, students from across the Strait Region gathered at the Keating Millennium Centre at St. FX University for the NSSSA Strait Region’s annual regional conference. Once all of the delegates and skillbuilders arrived, we headed over to the Schwartz auditorium for the opening ceremonies. Our regional cabinet was introduced through a video that I created.

You can view the video here: www.youtube.com/watch?v=CDHjJZFISts.

Throughout the weekend, delegates were in “Skillbuilding Groups” with students from other schools. This is a great way for students to interact with each other through different sessions around communication, team building and leadership. Each session has a different theme that involves the delegates to participating in games and activities.

Students also got to learn about different things in what we call “How To”. Some of the different “How To” sessions were about How to Be Your Own Boss, How to Finance, How to We Move This Town, learning about inclusion and provincial conference and how to be YouthFULL.

Our keynote speakers for regional conference were Big Brother Canada Winner Jillian MacLaughlin and 3rd place finalist Emmett Blois. They were very excited to be at the conference and we were happy to have them here. They gave a great speech about their experiences on the hit series Big Brother Canada (Season 2 Premiers on Slice, March 5th!). They also talked a lot about opportunities in life and how you should always go for your goals/dreams. Just because somebody tells you can’t do something, doesn’t mean you can’t.

That evening, a talent show took place in the auditorium. This was a great chance for students to showcase their talent. A lot of students got up to sing, dance, act, share stories, etc. This is one of my favorite parts of a NSSSA conference. It’s a great feeling to see people perform in the talent show because they know how accepting everyone will be of them. When the talent show was over, we all headed across the campus for a dance to end off an amazing day!

On Sunday, more skillbuilding sessions went on including one that involved each group to compete in a big scavenger hunt called “EPIC”. Each group was required to work together to collect all of the different clues in order to be the winner.

A huge thank you goes out to all of our delegates, skillbuilders, logistics, chaperones and advisors. As well everyone on the Strait Regional Cabinet who did an amazing job planning this conference and their work over the past weekend!

You can visit www.nsssa.ca if you would like a form for the Inclusion or Provincial Conference.

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