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Frequently asked questions about the Highland Heart, it’s distribution and advertising.

Distribution & Advertising

All about advertising in the Highland Heart and where it can be found.

How many copies of the Highland Heart are distributed each week?

The exact amount varies with the time of the year. From early April through to early January we print and distribute approximately 1,000 copies each week. From mid-January through to early April we print and distribute approximately 1000 copies every week. In addition we see between 350 – 430 copies of the paper downloaded or read online each week.

Where can I find a copy of the Highland Heart?

For an up to date list of all locations carrying the Highland Heart please visit our Locations page here. You can also download the latest issue of the Highland Heart (and all available back issues) by visiting out Latest Issue page here.

Where can I get a back issue of the Highland Heart?

Papers are distributed every Thursday (baring inclement weather) and previous issues are gathered for recycling. You can find all of the available back issues here, on our archive page for download as a PDF file.  Please contact us for more information.

How can I carry The Highland Heart at my location?

Please contact us. We are always interested in expanding the coverage of The Highland Heart in the Strait Area of Nova Scotia. Logistics are always a factor however, and we do have to take into account your location and traffic flow when it comes to a new distribution point. We would be happy to stop by and have a conversation with you on our next delivery day.
Submissions & Articles

How to submit content to the Highland Heart and what we accept.

How can I get an article printed in The Highland Heart?

We do accept articles for publishing in the Highland Heart as long as they meet the below criteria. The Highland Heart does not claim any right of ownership over submitted articles, but does claim the right to provide the published content on our website and to re-print the article in the future.

  • They must be informative and not a glorified advertisement
  • Minimum length of 400 words with a photo
  • Must be an original piece that you have full rights to
  • Article must be emailed (typed) by Friday 5pm before the issue is published
  • Above all they must be of interest to the readership

I submitted an article and you rejected it – why?

We always provide a specific reason why an article is rejected for publishing. Please check the email that we sent you for specifics. Some of the most common reasons for rejecting an article are:

  • Poorly written – bad grammar or unsuitable language
  • Excessive length – we will not edit down a 10 page novella
  • Inappropriate content – an ad masquerading as an article
  • Insufficient length – making your font big does not help
  • Plagiarism – Google helped us find the real author