By By Sarah Armstrong, Bici-Tec School of Appropriate Technology, Advisory Board member
First published on 2017, Latest Issue, November 30

As you may know, I have spent a fair amount of time in the Highlands of Guatemala over the past five years, working with Carlos Marroquin who designs and builds pedal-powered agricultural equipment for rural villages. You may have met him when he came to Antigonish last year to talk about his project. Every year he collects and distributes thousands of small toys and candies to children in the poorest villages in the area. Many of the kids come from families that do not have a paternal breadwinner. With your help the joys of Christmas can reach even the most remote village, the children in which have no expectations of gifts as such spending is a luxury that cannot be afforded.

Carlos’ commitment to bringing one toy to each of the thousands of children in  his home town of San Andres Itzapa (Chimaltenango) and surrounding communities has become the highlight of the year for so many kids. I have seen hundreds upon hundreds of children eagerly queuing in lines so long that I could not see the end of it….when we started to get worried that some kids would be left out. Luckily, thanks to international donations, Carlos’  Toy Bag, like Santa’s, always has one more toy left in it.

I am now collecting donations for the bulk purchase of kid’s toys, candies, balloons, and of course PIÑATAS! Carlos’ project is entirely funded by donations that I solicit. The generosity of  international supporters plays the largest role in making this annual celebration a reality. It only takes $20 to buy toys for 15 children. Every bit adds up to make a fabulously happy memories for children living in poverty.

Please join me in making a donation today, knowing that you are making a difference for a child who would otherwise receive nothing for Christmas. ALL DONATION MUST BE RECEIVED BY DECEMBER 10th, to allow time for fund transferring and bartering for the gift.

To donate please contact me by email at or call 902-735-2336


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