By Laurie Boucher, Mayor of Antigonish
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People talk about what they think is best for the Town of Antigonish. Some residents come to me and share their thoughts on decisions made by Town Council. Some bring their ideas to councillors and staff. Others shy away from bringing their concerns to us and instead talk at the rink, over coffee, in line at the grocery store or around kitchen tables. I know that at the core of each of these conversations is an aspiration; an idea about the type of community you’d be proud to call home.

I’ll be honest – to some, local government may not be the most interesting level of government; however, I’d be willing to bet that it is the level of government that has the most significant impact on your day-to-day life. That impact is felt in the delivery of the core services you need and expect, such as clean, running water, efficient garbage collection, well paved streets, and reliable electricity, as well as recreational programming. But perhaps just as importantly, it is felt through the decisions your Town Council makes that shape the character and identity of the community based on the best knowledge we have of the wishes of our residents.

To me, building a community means working together to identify and celebrate our strengths, and to recognize and improve on our weaknesses. It’s about speaking honestly and listening attentively to one another to find out what aspirations we have in common for our community – now and into the future – and working with one another to gather the resources, assets and will power to achieve that vision together.

That is what your Town Council is committed to doing.

Our Council has invited the team at Engage Nova Scotia to help us shape a truly citizen-led strategic plan for the Town of Antigonish for 2018 and beyond. Engage’s experience working with the Town of Amherst in 2016 generated great results, and has set that community on a path toward truly working to realize the aspirations and goals of their residents.

We are planning community events to give you an opportunity to share your voice. The first is being held on January, 31, 2018, at 6:30pm at St. Ninian’s Place. During this event, you will have an opportunity to discuss your thoughts and ideas. We hope that you can attend and join the conversation on the future you’d like to see for the Town of Antigonish.

Before you attend, I would just like to encourage you to reflect on what you think the future holds for the Town of Antigonish. Consider our challenges and opportunities, and the steps you may be able to take to help us make turn that vision into reality. Come prepared with ideas and with questions, and be ready to share those aspirations and inquiries with your friends, family, and community. Help us shape a shared, bright future for our Town, and a community that we all can all be proud to call home.

Share your voice, shape out town!


Mayor Laurie Boucher


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