First published on Latest Issue, November 16 2017

On November 24, 2017 we celebrate our 12th anniversary at a variety concert held in the Lismore Community Hall. You are invited to join us! Where can you have great entertainment for a $5.00 ticket? And win a door prize and play the 50/50 draw.

Who was Karen? She was an accomplished musician and gifted teacher. The daughter of Jo-Ann and Roy MacDonald of Ardness, NS, and a graduate of St. Francis Xavier University, who lent her time and talent wherever needed.

She had an allergy to peanut products and accidently ingested peanut oil on August 31, 2005. She died as a result of anaphylactic shock on September 3, 2005.The family and friends decided to start the Karen Lynn MacDonald Allergy Awareness Society in her memory.

Our goal is to provide information and awareness about allergies, anaphylaxis AND the importance of having an Epi-Pen or adrenaline auto-injector readily available. We demonstrate how to use the Epi-pen and the urgency to call 911, as every second counts.

We provide Epi-Pens to schools in Antigonish, Guysborough and Pictou counties. Any resident in the three counties who is not in the financial position to purchase their own may have their physician complete a Society form. That form is taken to a community pharmacy and the person receives the Epi-Pen. The pharmacy will bill the Society for the cost which averages $100.00. These have an expiry date and the Society needs to replace them annually or as necessary.

We raise funds by having monthly variety concerts in Lismore. No concert in December. Private and corporate donations and a variety of fund raisers help us accomplish our goals. Since September, 2016 we have local businesses “SPONSOR” a concert each month. Their name appears on the monthly posters and programs. We acknowledge their contribution and ask our concertgoers to patronize the same business. For example this month we have J.S. MacDonald Financial Services Inc. in Antigonish. Others include: Fraser Cook Holdings Ltd. in Guysborough, Lismore Tuna Charters, Kurtis MacGillivray, MacGregor’s Custom Machining, and Andy MacGregor in MacLellan’s Brook, to name a few.

If you can support our goals by sponsoring a concert please contact us @R.R.# 1 –Box 165-Merigomish,N.S. B0K1G0.The fee/donation is only $100.00. Check us on

Thank you, and we hope you enjoy the show!

“Karen MacDonald Day”is held on the first Tuesday in August at the Alex MacDonald Irving on Post Road in Antigonish. Karen was a former employee while attending university and in her memory, the owners GENEROUSLY donate a portion of all gas and diesel sales on that day. A BBQ and live entertainment is held on site. We thank Joe MacDonald and his staff for their continued support. We have an opportunity to speak with many persons that day and have good public relations.

At many concerts we invite a “speaker’ who will explain their allergy story with the challenges and the outcomes.

We provide an opportunity for high school students to volunteer and earn their community hours. There is opportunity for young talent to perform and get rid of stage fright. We see many of these young people go on to university and have a career in music. This is rewarding.

Without the commitment and dedication of our concert performers, these concerts would not take place. Marie MacDonald arranges all the concert talent. No easy feat as she operates a fishing business .She has talent coming from Mabou, River John, and Guysborough and local areas. We are indebted to performers for their time, talent and travel times.

We have a faithful group of concert goers and the Society is appreciative of their support.

Some volunteers help serve refreshments. Others sell tickets, operate the ‘sound booth ’and countless other tasks. We thank, Donna Cosh, for baking delicious cinnamon rolls. They are enjoyed by all.

We thank the Board of Directors of the Lismore Hall and the Merigomish Fire Hall for their cooperation and assistance.

We have a dedicated executive who give many hours of service: Janice MacDonald, Vice –President, Karen Leblanc, Treasurer, and Heather Stewart, Secretary.


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