By Emily Stephenson, Active Living Coordinator, Town of Antigonish
First published on 2017, December 7, Latest Issue

Skating is a great way to be active and social in the wintertime, a season when some may find it a bit more difficult to get moving. In addition to free swims, skates, and open gym time being offered this winter in Antigonish, the Town of Antigonish wants to team up with its citizens to build an outdoor rink on Ballfield #1 near Dr. J.H. Gillis Regional High School as one option to be active outdoors in the winter weather.

Building and maintaining this rink will require a dedicated team of community members. Volunteers will be asked to take on tasks such as: snow removal, flooding, ice condition checks, and ideas for improving the rink. The lending of shovels and snowblowers to help with snow removal is also appreciated. Without this team,

this project will not be possible! Work will typically be done in early morning and late evening. For those looking to build their resume in a fun and active way,

please consider this project as a way to accumulate volunteer hours!

There will be a volunteer meeting held Monday, December 11th at 7PM at Dr. J.H. Gillis Regional High School to start things off. If you are available and interested, please come out to this meeting to learn more about the role you could play! If possible, please contact the Recreation Department in advance if you plan to attend the meeting. If you would like to volunteer but can’t make this meeting, or if you want to learn more, please let the Recreation Department know. This project will be a labour of love and the more folks who help out, the better. Once we have our volunteer team, we will just need to keep our fingers crossed for some great outdoor rink weather this winter!

 To become a volunteer please contact the Town’s Recreation Department please call 902-867-5596 or email


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