By Guysborough Historical Society
First published on August 10th 2017

IMG_3924As part of Canada’s 150 celebrations, the Guysborough Historical Society is in the final stages of building a cairn on the lawn of the Old Courthouse Museum & Visitor Information Centre. We will be placing a time capsule inside the cairn to be sealed for 150 years and reopened in the year 2167. We invite you, family members, businesses, groups and organizations to join us in the celebration. Please pick up your free 9×5 envelope containing two pieces of acid free paper (for preservation purposes) at one of the following pickup sites; Guysborough’s Old Courthouse Museum & Visitor Information Centre, Mulgrave Visitor Information Centre, Canso’s Whitman House Museum, or Half Island Cove’s The Out of the Fog Lighthouse Museum. You are welcome to write or type anything you would like to say including memoirs, genealogies, everyday life and events. The 150 year emplacement is so people will feel free to say anything they like knowing enough time will have passed when their memoirs and comments are read any connection with surviving family members will be so distant no one will care. If sealed for a lesser time, memories may still linger inhibiting what a person wants to say. Freedom of expression is the goal, what Canada is all about. Due to e mails and electronic communication today, very little personal memories will be passed on to future generations.

IMG_3918You may also include CD’s, memory sticks, pictures, newspaper clippings and more as long as it fits inside the sealed envelope. We ask that all of the time capsule envelopes be returned back to one of the pickup sites before the morning of Sunday August 27th. The time capsule will be sealed on Heritage Day Sunday August 27th, 2017. Join us at the Old Courthouse Museum & Visitor Information Centre, 106 Church Street in Guysborough on this day to celebrate. Our Heritage Day festivities include a having a barbeque at noon. Unveiling of The Great Guysborough County 150 year Time Capsule Cairn and sealing of the monument at 1 o’clock. The last item to go in it will be a picture of everyone present that day. Live music by Coady Avery and friends starting at 2 o’clock. Then join us at 7 o’clock at the Old Courthouse Museum & Visitor Information Centre for the Drysdale Lecture Series: Presentation by Shawn Hadley, Richard Gerrior and Jerry Jamieson. Learn about the Centennial Voyager Canoe Pageant and meet the three Guysborough County men who traversed Canada 50 years ago in the Nova Scotia Canoe. Come join in on the fun while we mark a day in history that will leave a lasting impression for those living in Guysborough County in the year 2167. Hope to see you there! Please Contact the Guysborough Historical Society at the Old Courthouse Museum & Visitor Information Centre for further information on how to volunteer or donate to this project.

Phone Number: 902-533-4008 Email: Address: PO Box 232, 106 Church Street Guysborough NS B0H 1N0


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