Tis the Season 11 to bring roaring laughter and festive fun to Guysborough on December 5th

First published on Latest Issue

The Chedabucto Place Performance Centre, Guysborough, is pleased to present “Tis the Season 11” which stars award-winning actor, singer and comedy performer Bette MacDonald and talented partner Maynard Morrison, together with a cast of comedy/musical talent second to none- Joe Waye Jr, Mary-Colin Chisholm and Jordan Musycsyn.

“Tis the Season” is all about giving the audience as many laughs and as much fun as we possibly can while staying within the confines of the law!” says MacDonald,

“We cannot wait to get on the holiday road.”

The Show – a seasonal staple for the past 10 years – remains as fresh as ever with new material, music and laughs in store.


Tuesday, December 5 at 7:30pm

Admission: $30.00

Call: 902-533-2015 for tickets

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